Sunday, January 10, 2010


The question addressed by the following presentation, is:

What are to be recommended for consideration as perspectives for what is (a) a truly, urgently needed four-power initiative on behalf of a mission-oriented process of transformation of the world’s economic systems, (b) away from the presently ruinous effects of submission to an implicitly financially imperialist, global monetarist system, a virtual “new Tower of Babel,” and, (c) toward an urgently needed, fixed-exchange-rate credit system of (d) mutually beneficial, global cooperation among peoples organized as a community of respectively sovereign nation-states.

This presumes the indispensable, included, practical measure of the included, (e) immediate application of the precedent provided as the principle of the Glass-Steagall reform which was introduced to the U.S.A. under U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

Which also means, once more, (f) the eradication of intrinsically pro-imperialist, monetary systems, by their replacement by (g) a system of sovereign national credit-systems configured in the formation of a long-term, fixed-exchange rate array of national credit-systems.

Since most of the nominal monetary-financial assets abroad presently, are loaded with an implicitly hyper-inflationary accumulations of increasingly worthless “paper,” an immediate change from a monetary system, to a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, is the only presently available hope for avoiding the plunge of the planet as a whole into a prolonged new dark age.

What is written on the current state of the British empire, is admittedly harsh, but must be stated as a truthful representation, without fear of any actual exaggeration respecting the current policies of practice of the present British Royal House. I have been careful, not to overlook the natural, national rights of the people of the United Kingdom, with whom I, after all, share an certain ancient ancestry.


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