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"Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" | LaRouchePAC

"Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" LaRouchePAC

March 9, 2010 (LPAC)-- It is not every day that spokesmen of the British Empire and its Rothschild-linked Inter-Alpha Group come out and openly broadcast their fear of defeat. But that is what the City of London's Financial Times" did, in an editorial which concludes: "Desperate times need desperate measures. The times are not over. Nor, therefore, are the measures."

They said this regarding their frenetic call to keep worthless liquidity spewing out of the world's central banks at hyperbolic rates. But it belies the far more profound issue, that their entire universe is crumbling around them, economically and politically.

First, their speculative bubble is disintegrating, willy-nilly. Second, Lyndon LaRouche exposed this bankruptcy and helped hasten their demise with his recent flanking attack on their "Santander Syndrome" and the related Brazil carry trade Ponzi scheme. Third, the American population is in the early stages of generalized revolt against everything they associate with incumbent policies and politicians—to wit, the Nazi Barack Obama and his Congressional lickspittles. And fourth, the LaRouche Youth Movement and LPAC are intersecting that rumbling mood of the times, to become its voice and conscience, as seen in the recent Kesha Rogers victory in Texas.

That victory is not only being widely reported inside the U.S. now, but has begun to spread abroad, including to Russian web sites. With LaRouche's webcast coming up this Saturday March 13 at 1 p.m., the next turn of the ratchet against the British Empire will be the central order of the day. Obama can, and must be removed from the White House in a matter of weeks.

No wonder the Financial Times fears these "desperate times."
Their universe may be crumbling, but ours, the real one, emphatically is not. As Lyndon LaRouche noted in a recent e-mail response to a questioner:
"The universe is anti-entropic, but the anti-entropy of society is the responsibility of the human will. Since the day after FDR had died, the prevalent trend of policy-shaping of the U.S.A. in particular, and most of the world otherwise, has been entropic.
"For example, the replenishment of the basic economic infrastructure on which the progress of the entire economy depends has reached zero-level, and has been falling ever since."

That quality of willful anti-entropy identified by LaRouche, is the real message of the Rogers win in Texas. Sky Shields, a member of LaRouche's "Basement" research team, addresses that broader subject in a memo, "Kesha Rogers' Victory Launches the Rebirth of a Mars Colonization Policy!"—now available on the LPAC website— which begins:

"The recent election victory of Kesha Rogers in Texas's 22nd Congressional District represents a turning point in world history. The American voters have demonstrated their refusal to accept the policy of physical-economic austerity which Obama and his controllers have sought to impose through unconstitutional bank bailouts, a murderous health-care policy, and general inaction on the crucial issues of the existential crisis which now faces the American population and the world. Most notably, they have refused to accept Obama's recent, treasonous decision to scrap the last vestiges of our nation's manned presence in space. They have voted, instead, for a future — a future organized around the intensive physical economic progress that can only be brought about by the scientific advancements connected with an expansion of Man's presence in space.

"The opportunity created by this victory puts on the table the urgent questions of accomplishing this economic development of the Solar System: the first steps of lunar industrialization, and successfully undertaking a manned mission to Mars. Connected with this mission is the task of finally establishing a very different conception of the organization of the Solar System and beyond. Specifically, the planned presence of human beings in locations very far from the surface of our Earth will require the development a much more in-depth understanding of the action of cosmic and other forms of radiation on and within living systems. Not only will this expanded view of the role of energetic phenomena in living matter make extended stays off-planet possible, it also promises to revolutionize medical technology here on Earth, as well as provide a deeper understanding of the nature of living processes, evolution, and morphogenesis than would ever be possible under the existing policy of atomization and under-funding of such scientific investigations.

"One major problem to be tackled will be the question of producing the types of artificial environment required for mankind to leave its 'womb' here on Earth. What from the biosphere will we need to carry with us? What will be the role of electromagnetic phenomena and cosmic radiation in that environment? It will perhaps be advisable to simulate Earth's gravitational environment by accelerating ships through inter-planetary space at one Earth gravity (1-G), but this will be the first time such a willful act of constant acceleration has occurred anywhere in the universe. It will represent the first artificial creation of a sustained gravitational field which, if maintained for long periods, will quickly result in relativistic velocities. What will be the effect of this sort of travel on a manned crew? What will be its effect on the physical universe more generally? These questions lead us to further unexplored aspects of the biosphere immediately surrounding us, before leading us deep into man's future in interstellar space."




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