Monday, May 17, 2010

Push the Glass-Steagall Reform Through, Ruthlessly | LaRouchePAC

May 17, 2010 (LPAC)—LPAC-TV has posted a new 13-minute video on the website, "LaRouche on the Record: Glass-Steagall or Die," which succinctly reviews Lyndon LaRouche's unique, leading role in the decisive battle to reimpose the Glass-Steagall standard in the U.S. and internationally. In its concluding section, it presents Lyn's call, delivered at his May 8 webcast, for an all-out mobilization to ram the policy through:
"Go with this Glass-Steagall reform, now! Push it through, ruthlessly... If we do it, we can win. The potential is there. But we have to do it. We have to insist that everybody goes and supports this. As far as we're concerned, every patriotic American will support this Glass-Steagall reform. If they don't do it, if they're not full-bent on doing it, then they're not really patriots. Because we need this strategically, to save the United States! We need this to save the world. If we are saved by this action, we will save the world. As poor and miserable as we are, as a factor in world history, when the other side is much poorer than we are, in terms of resources and capability, we can win. So, let's go out there and win. And beat these bastards."

The bastards—Obama's British masters—have delivered an explicit threat to the United States, that they consider Glass-Steagall an act of "hostility" against them. And Obama is, lawfully, set to fight against Glass-Steagall to the death. But Obama, Lyn elaborated in discussions yesterday, is now being swamped by a problem which even he is probably smart enough to realize has him boxed in. Things that were meant to work, and in the past have worked, are not working now. As a result, there is real desperation in their camp. The whole situation can backfire on them, because the usual methods just don't work anymore. And they are running out of time to produce results, as the Cantwell- McCain Glass-Steagall amendment moves towards a vote on the Senate floor, in the early part of this coming week.

Their problem is that the usual tactics of terrifying people into line, are now just getting people angry, and can produce a backfire effect—as (soon to be former) Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah can tell you all about. Normal things just don't work anymore. Just how successful that "not working" will be, Lyn said, remains to be seen. We will have to find out the hard way, by our focussed mobilization to ram through the Glass-Steagall bill.

The coming weeks will be critical—perhaps the most decisive that any of us have ever lived through. Last week's rapid-paced developments saw Lyn's May 8 webcast, at exactly the point that the Eurozone was melting down; the lunatic super-TARP attempted bailout with $1 trillion-plus in funny-money, accompanied by fascist austerity; and the placement of the Cantwell-McCain amendment on the Senate agenda, forced by a growing mass strike uproar that is reflected in 78% popular support for the measure.

Our mobilization this past week has now begun to create a national outpouring in support of the Glass-Steagall amendment. This week, we must ram it through, ruthlessly.

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