Friday, June 11, 2010

LaRouche: BP Actions In Gulf Are An Act of War Against the United States | LaRouchePAC

June 10, 2010 (LPAC)—"There is no question that the continuation of this problem in the Gulf, is expressly the warfare-like intention of the British Empire against the United States," charged Lyndon LaRouche on June 8. LaRouche was referring to the utter failure of British Petroleum to deal seriously with the consequences of its own murderous negligence in the case of the Deepwater Horizon drilling station—including its ongoing lies about the size of the leakage, as well as its failure to mobilize anywhere near the resources required to mitigate the damage.

The British are effectively carrying out warfare against the United States, LaRouche said. In addition, "the President is a complicit traitor to the United States in this war."
Obama's traitorous behavior is demonstrated, first and foremost, by the fact that he has left the handling of the crisis in the hands of the British imperial company, refusing to exercise the sovereign powers of the United States government to expropriate them, and to take over the operations to save the United States population from further devastation of their livelihood.

Thus, by his failure to act, Obama has left the British criminal in charge of the crime scene, and subjected the American people to more destruction. Like the British agent he is, the President refuses to defend the United States against British depradations.
"Remember, BP is the personal asset of the British monarchy," LaRouche added. "It's an imperial, Anglo-Dutch imperial entity." It is carrying out "a sabotage operation against the economy and people of the United States."
The conclusion is clear: "This President must go, and must go now! He's unfit to be President, and those in elected office who support him, are not fit to be members of our government. They should git 'n scat, right now!"

LaRouche: BP Actions In Gulf Are An Act of War Against the United States LaRouchePAC

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