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Make These the 8 Days That Shook the World | LaRouchePAC

June 18, 2010 As Lyndon LaRouche emphasized on Tuesday, "We're looking at a general breakdown crisis, of trans-Atlantic economies, during the period of the end of this month, the latter half of June, and the beginning of July. As of now, such a collapse would seem almost inevitable, first of all, because the circumstances exist, and the conditions are approaching rapidly which will mean that. Therefore, the question of preventing that collapse, by a change of policy, in the United States, in particular, before the end of June, and before the beginning of July, is the most urgent point of concern for anybody in the United States, or, generally, on the planet. Because, once the trans-Atlantic community goes under, once the United States and Europe cave in, and they're on the verge of a breakdown crisis right now. When that happens, and if that happens, then the rest of the world will go soon, and the result will be a plunge of the entire planet into a dark age. So, we're not in a period where we want to talk about September or November, we're talking about NOW....

"But we have to have Obama out, now. Because, as long as he remains, with the prospect of the breakup of the U.S. economy, and the European economies by either some time in June or in July, we can not fool around: We must get Obama out, now, in the way I said we have to get him out. And we have to make certain changes in policy such as immediately going to what? First, Glass-Steagall in the United Unites. It must be put through right now, and I mean the original intent of Glass-Steagall, as U.S. policy. That must be put into effect, immediately."

The decision of the German Constitutional Court yesterday to deny the temporary restraining order against the super-bailout of the Eurozone, underscores the need for the implementation of the Glass-Steagall Act now in the United States, which is necessary, as LaRouche has said, to give Germany and other countries, including Russia, the option of joining a Glass-Steagall type of fixed- exchange-rate system initiated by the United States.

The reorganization of the British banking system also announced yesterday by the new Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, under the topdown control of the Bank of England, was undoubtedly dictated by the awareness of the British oligarchy of the imminent collapse of the system, and the oligarchy's desire to maintain control of that collapse process.

For us that means that our responsibility to remove Obama from office and to reinstate Glass-Steagall immediately — not after the collapse, but before the collapse, in order to prevent it — must be fully embraced and achieved now.

The potential to remove Obama from office has never been greater.

* On Wednesday, Judicial Watch called for the Office of the Special Counsel to investigate Emanuel and Messina for violation of the Hatch Act, thus backing up the referral by Rep. Issa to the Office of the Special Counsel to that effect on June 8;

* On June 11, Friday of last week, all seven Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a second letter to Eric Holder demanding a special prosecutor in the Sestak and Romanoff cases. The first letter had been sent on May 26, before the White House issued its Sestak memorandum and before Romanoff released the Messina e-mail;

* On June 11, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet admitted publicly that he knew beforehand, from his contact in the Obama Adminstration, that a job offer was going to be made to Romanoff, which makes him an accessory to a crime committed to his benefit. Also, Colorado Governor Bill Ridder admitted on June 14 that he had been in contact with the then chief of personnel in the White House, Donald Gibbs, about obtaining an international job for Romanoff to dissuade him from running against Bennet, whom he had appointed to replace Salazar; and

* On June 15, testimony was presented in the Blagojevich trial in Chicago by Joseph Aramanda, an associate of Tony Rezko, that after picking up a $125,000 kickback check, he was instructed by Rezko to make a $10,000 contribution to Barack Obama's U.S. Senate campaign.

These developments are just the tip of the iceberg and reflect the potential to oust Obama in the immediate period ahead.

The Blagojevich trial in Chicago has all the potential in the world to blow up in Obama's face. On June 6, Lyndon LaRouche had asked: "What has been done with Obama's buddy Rezko, who has been convicted but not sentenced? Is Blagojevich a patsy for the benefit of the President? Why was Rezko never sentenced, or was he sentenced secretly?"

In fact, Rezko is not the only prosecution witness or potential witness who has been convicted but not sentenced. As stressed in a motion filed by Blagojevich in April, there are nine prosecution witnesses who have been convicted, but not sentenced. Blagojevich had asked that their testimony be precluded on the grounds that the government was using the promise and/or hope of freedom as an inducement to obtain testimony by these witnesses, which he said is nothing short of bribery.

As Lyn stressed on Tuesday, the key flank that we have to bring down Obama, who is overripe for a fall, is the exposure of Barney Frank and his role as point man now in the effort to prevent the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, which was effectively repealed beginning in the 1980s through the treasonous actions of Greenspan, JP Morgan, et al.

We are already in the second half of June. Through the LPAC video operation, the three candidacies of Rachel Brown, Kesha Rogers and Summer Shields, combined with an expanded outreach throughout the country to pass the Glass Steagall resolution, we can and must create a firestorm in this country now to remove Obama from office and reinstate Glass Steagall.

Starting on today, Friday, June 18, we have 8 full organizing days until Lyn's next webcast on June 26.

Make these the 8 days that shook the world!

Make These the 8 Days That Shook the World | LaRouchePAC

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